Kulturlabor Thüringen 2022
hybrid education format

A box full of working materials, tools and video tutorials enables students to engage with the historical Bauhaus and current ideas on the built environment and architectural experiments in two 90-minute workshops. In addition to a combination of digital and analog activations, the focus is on active creative work guided by video tutorials. The "Architekturkiste" is sent to schools as a package and is designed 25 young people; the teacher only has an organizational function and controls the working time during implementation. 

In the two workshop units, basic architectural skills are explored and the question "How do we want to live together?" is critically examined. In addition to drawing floor plans in which different forms of living together are tested, students jointly plan cities that can be expanded by placing QR codes with animations. In addition, video collages are created that are projected into the classroom as an animated tapestry and experimental architectural models are built and later transferred into a digital 3d model by 3D Scanning and Augmented  Reality.