The Bauhaus View

Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin 2022
exhibition and graphic design, digital media design

The exhibition "The Bauhaus View" opened in June 2022 and accompanies the construction process of  the new building of the Bauhaus Archive until its opening in 2025.
The design of the exhibition is inspired in its materiality, form language and production technique by the construction site of the new museum building, located directly next to the exhibition tower.
Processuality, raw materiality, temporality and ephemeral construction methods are the main ideas of the design and production process .

The graphic design adapts the current CI of the Bauhaus Archive and combines it with architectural and other structural elements of the upcoming museum. In keeping with the design concept, the graphics were implemented using direct printing on materials such as plywood panels or construction fence textile. The complete production and spatial implementation was carried out in the office's own metal and wood workshop.

The Bauhaus VIEW is the start or end point for the #bauhauswalk