public art sculpture, Maintal 2021
concept and art production

A reflected ray of sunlight penetrates through the leaves and flashes briefly, suddenly bright blue sky unfolds and lures the viewer closer to the sculpture.

The stone formation consists of two erratic boulders. One has been cut through and the other has been split in half. The three resulting surfaces are covered with highly polished stainless steel plates.

The inside view of the stone is transformed into a view of the outside. Light, sky and movements become visible in the reflecting surfaces of the installation and thus become part of it. Depending on the time of the year and day, the overgrowth of the linden trees, the appearance of the sky and the perspective of the viewer, are in constant change. 

Conception and realization of the sculpture for the town center of Wachenbuchen. Art in public space with a previous citizen's vote.
Developed in collaboration with the artist and longtime partner Sebastian Wanke.